Vine Pharmacy


Opening their first pharmacy in 2013, Vine Pharmacy was able to grow within four years to become the #1 retail pharmacy in Kigali (based on turnover from just two locations). It seemed time to expand, and the founders realized they needed professional advisors to help them craft and pitch an expansion plan that could secure the needed investment to continue their mission to save lives and improve healthcare in Rwanda.

Karisimbi Partners’ Approach

Karisimbi Partners began by developing a candid assessment of the current market for pharmacies and pharmaceutical products in Rwanda (and the region). Vine Pharmacy aimed to open up to  four additional retail locations, expand and improve their wholesale operations, and optimize their supply chain and product mix. Initial estimates called for 2 million USD of added investment to fuel this growth. Building on the strong story and trajectory of the first four years of Vine Pharmacy, we were able to create a compelling pitch presentation that offered strong financial returns to the right partner.


With a lot of work (and despite a global pandemic), Vine Pharmacy recently succeeded in securing the needed capital and expand their retail and wholesale operations. Thankfully, the investment was secured in time to equip them to serve a population that needed trusted pharmaceutical advice and products during and after lockdown restrictions in Rwanda.

We found their services to be exceptional. Karisimbi Partners were detail-oriented and engaging… greatly informing our internal decision making. Their materials also helped us secure growth capital to fuel our expansion plans. They are business gurus that can embed themselves in your business and guide you to the growth you want.

– Morris Ndekwe, Managing Director and Chief Pharmacist, Vine Pharmacy

Vine Pharmacy now operates 7 retail facilities and has extended its leadership position as an essential health services provider in Rwanda.

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