Partnership Announcement

Karisimbi Partners x African Leadership University Partnership

Karisimbi Business Partners has teamed up with the African Leadership University Rwanda’s Consulting Club for the upcoming 2019 academic year. The partnership is aimed at promoting academic integration, by providing student development through applied learning, professional exposure, and the opportunity to learn from Rwanda’s business leaders.

As Fast Company’s 2019 Most Innovative Company in Africa, African Leadership University Rwanda’s new-age educational model has been commended for focusing on a student-centric curriculum through providing 21st century skill sets – critical thinking, communicating for impact, strategic thinking, data analysis and more.

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VIDEO: CNBC Africa Coverage

CNBC Africa Coverage: 2018 Rwanda CEO Summit

The Karisimbi Business Partners are set to organize Rwanda’s first ever Privates Sector summit that will attract the country’s leading CEOs, investors and business leaders to spur conversations under the theme ‘Empowering Growth’. For more CNBC Africa is joined by Nick Barigye, Managing Partner at KBP for on the Rwanda’s CEO Summit.

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Hope Magazine: October 2018

Karisimbi Business Partners host the first private sector led Rwanda CEO Summit

Presented by Karisimbi Business Partners, the first- ever 2018 Rwanda CEO Summit took place at the Kigali Marriott Hotel, designed to disrupt and transform Rwanda’s growing private sector.

This event serves as a platform for the release of exclusive, cutting-edge research and analysis from Karisimbi Business Partners, panel discussions, and spirited debate from Rwanda’s senior business leaders. The Summit energizes the corporate community, spurs dialogue, and encouraged practical solutions that increase the economic competitiveness of Rwandan firms. Altogether, the attendees represented over 98% of private sector GDP.

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Rwanda’s First Private Sector Summit: 2018 Rwanda CEO Summit

Karisimbi Business Partners announce the launch of the first private sector summit in Kigali, Rwanda. The 2018 Rwanda CEO Summit is designed to disrupt and transform Rwanda’s growing private sector. The 2018 Rwanda CEO Summit is an exclusive, invite-only gathering of the top 100 most influential business leaders across all industries and sectors in the country. Altogether, attendees will represent over 98% of the private sector GDP.

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Podcast Interview

Business with Purpose: Episode 78

For years, there’s been this strange distaste for business. People kept thinking business was bad and business owners were greedy and money grubbers. But the truth is, business is and can be a HUGE force for good. Business can change lives, communities, and countries. Business isn’t the enemy… business can change the world. My guests this week are Nick Barigye and Greg Urquhart of Karisimbi Business Partners.

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Inzozi Magazine: June 2018

Abahizi Rwanda: More Than A Premier Fashion Manufacturer

Abahizi Rwanda is the premier luxury handbag factory in East Africa, and is a Rwandan-owned, women-owned, for-profit social enterprise, located outside of Kigali.

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Refinery 29 UK: February 2018

Exactly What “Farm-to-Face Beauty” Means For Your Skin

For years, Now more than ever, we want total transparency from our favorite beauty brands. We want to know exactly what is in our face-saving formulas, and how much of it, from acid potency to potentially acne-aggravating substances. 

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Fashionista: February 2018

The Body Shop’s latest Community Trade initiative looks to help Rwandan farmers revive a vital crop.

Especially in the current political climate, writing about fashion and beauty can, at times, feel in a bit futile. But exploring some of the ways in which fashion and beauty companies are trying to do good in the world. 

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Hope Magazine: January 2018

Hope Magazine January 2018 issue

Sold worldwide, luxury handbags are changing Masoro’s community

When asked to explain what exactly the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is doing, the organisation’s CEO, Clare Akamanzi, says that instead of responding with dry economic statistics relating to trade balance and employment, she prefers to give examples. And one of her favorite examples is that of the collaboration between Kate Spade New York and Abahizi Rwanda.

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The Body Shop: January 2018

Community Trade Moringa Seed Oil From Rwanda

Our Community Trade Moringa seed oil is sustainably sourced from Asili Natural Oils in Rwanda. They nurture high-quality moringa seeds from farmers, who grow, handpick and is a process called ‘winnowing’ to separate the seeds from their shells. These are then naturally air-dried and cold-pressed twice to extract their nurturing oil. We’re proudly working with Asili Natural Oils because they provide a sustainable income for farmers living in the dry eastern provinces of Rwanda, where income opportunities are low. 

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Hope Magazine: August 2017

Hope Magazine August 2017 issue

Karisimbi Business Partners, a unique mix of advisory services and implementation

When it comes to starting a business or improving an existing one, the best advice always comes from fellow entrepreneurs. That is exactly what Karisimbi Business Partners offers, founded nearly 10 years ago by three Americans with a rich past in creating and running businesses.

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