Real Contractors


The rapid growth of infrastructure and buildings in Rwanda presents a challenging context for those seeking to managing construction projects on time and budget. Real Contractors is one of the leading local construction firms in the country, yet they are not immune to the financial and other strains that had seen a number of other construction companies leave the market in recent years. They needed a strategic plan with a bold vision for doing something much more than “business as usual”.

Karisimbi Partners’ Approach

In 2009, it would have been hard to imagine a day when we would serve a single company with three consecutive Strategic Business Plans, helping to guide the company for 15 straight years! Thankfully, understanding the challenges and strengths facing a company for the prior decade, across many management changes, has made it easier for us to understand Real Contractors and craft solutions that can make a lasting impact. In support of a new Managing Director, we were able to enhance the vision and values of the firm in order to aim higher. The resulting strategy called for empowering project managers on the job site, adopting new technologies proven in other markets, re-structuring the procurement process and embarking on new joint ventures with other companies that had strengths in areas Real Contractors did not yet have.


Real Contractors expressed interest in having our team assist the management team with implementation and training workshops after the delivery of our Strategic Business Plan. Three joint venture projects have already begun to create synergy and growth.

By partnering with the management team in crafting this plan at the same time that the annual budget was being approved, we were able to ensure that the strategy agreed with financial management that was guiding the day-to-day operations.

We appreciated Karisimbi Partners’ ability to understand the aspirations of management and their vision of the company in the next four years.  They have an impressive knowledge of the market, a strong team that work in tandem, good analysis of operational weaknesses, and led interactive engagements with our team. The strategic plan will offer a roadmap to the growth of the company.

– Olivier Kabera, Managing Director, Real Contractors

Real Contractors is a national leader responsible for much of the built environment in this emerging market, and we are confident our work will ensure they maintain and extend their pioneering ways for many years to come.

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