Muhanga Hotel


The Muhanga Hotel initiative began as a Presidential Pledge and aimed to significantly boost the development of a key satellite city. Karisimbi Partners had previously done similar business planning for another Presidential Pledge, the EPIC Hotel & Suites in Nyagatare, so we were excited to support another bold initiative. For this new destination to succeed, it had to overcome significant challenges, including attracting visitors to an area of Rwanda not previously seen as attractive, and helping to secure the remaining investment support to begin building.

Karisimbi Partners’ Approach

A feasibility analysis and strategic plan was required to unify and guide a wide array of key stakeholders, and to attract strategic partners and investors. Inspired by the natural beauty of the location, the rich history of the province, and the skills, stories and dancing of the people, this strategy set out to introduce a bold initiative to create something the Southern Province has never seen before: a world-class, 4-star accommodation and dining destination. Within one hour of Kigali,  it could serve as a gateway to the unique cultural heritage and natural beauty found in the region.


Before the strategic plan was even complete, many international hotel operators were contacted and expressed interest in being a part of this initiative to put a satellite city on the map for tourism and conference visitors. By partnering with the investors and stakeholders in the region, this plan was used to secure additional funding and other strategic partners needed to bring this Presidential Pledge to life.

Karisimbi Partners engaged all the relevant stakeholders for their inputs. The whole document reflects what the client expected and we appreciate the fact the feasibility recommendations are based on research and thorough analysis. This will allow us to approach potential investors. Karisimbi Partners undertakes assignments in a professional manner and works closely with the client to achieve the expected results.

– Belise Kariza, Chief Tourism Officer, Rwanda Development Board

The Muhanga Hotel is the latest in a series of new tourism destinations being championed by the Rwanda Development Board.

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