Asili Natural Oils

Asili Natural Oils


Moringa trees produce an oil that is now used in the personal care and specialty oil sectors. The nourishing properties of this oil help make skin silky, smooth and radiant. In the early 2000’s, well-meaning organizations convinced a large number of Rwandan farmers to plant Moringa trees (the ‘Miracle Plant’) across the country. When the trees produced their first crop, farmers were distressed to find there was not yet a market for them to sell to. Many of these farmers lost faith in the Moringa tree, as valuable land that could have produced food for their families and communities was wasted on worthless Moringa seeds.

Karisimbi Partners’ Approach

Karisimbi Partners’ noticed this problem and wondered if we could use our international contacts to create a market for this niche oil. We then approached investors with a plan to establish a social-impact business to pursue this opportunity. After extensive feasibility analysis – counting each existing tree, assessing existing trends, finding the best equipment for processing seeds to oil, and establishing relationships with various international customers – Karisimbi Partners was engaged by key investors to create Asili Natural Oils. Karisimbi Partners re-built the supply chain in Rwanda and surrounding countries, developed long-term customer relationships, purchased and commissioned best-in-class processing equipment, established two commercial volume Moringa plantations, and successfully delivered the first export sale of Rwandan Moringa oil.


Since that first sale, Asili Natural Oils has continued to grow and now connects more than 2,000 smallholder farmers to high-value international cosmetics markets (impacting more than 10,000 individuals). Karisimbi Partners appointed an experienced Rwandan management team and a staff to operate the processing facility. Asili is committed to serving customers with professionalism and integrity, ensuring benefits for farmers, customers, and employees. Today, over 300,000 Moringa trees have been planted on more than 100 hectares in Rwanda, and the average Moringa farmer has seen their incomes increase by more than 19% annually since records started being kept in 2018.

Asili has come a long way since humble beginnings in 2012. Today, Moringa oil from Asili is a key ingredient in oils and lotions sold by global brands, and the exclusive Community Trade Supplier of Moringa oil to The Body Shop International.

Asili has also diversified into new and exciting products, including Passion Fruit Seed oil, and Wild African Calabash oil. In just a short time, Asili has established itself in the global market as a leading supplier of specialty oils, and it has done so in a way that benefits hundreds of Rwandan smallholder farming families – a true social impact business.

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