Relaunching in 2017

2016 Team Photo

As our company faces a new and exciting period of growth, we are relaunching our website and blog to showcase this work, and to more broadly highlight economic development and entrepreneurship in Rwanda and East Africa. At this moment in time, development in Africa and its perception on a global scale is shifting. We are turning away from tradition and moving toward practical implementation and outcome-driven plans. In Rwanda, private sector development has been at the forefront of sustainable economic growth. Returns to shareholders are the definition of business success in the global economy. While our company aligns itself with this goal, we feel there are other equally important milestones to be met.

Karisimbi Business Partners is a socially motivated consulting and investment firm with the mission to alleviate poverty one business at a time. The work we do and sectors we cover are broad, but we have a deep knowledge of Rwanda’s economic development and have been closely involved in its growth over time. We advise government and private sector clients; we invest in companies like Asili Natural Oils, AgriLift, and Acacia Accounting, and we are business operators and managers for clients such as Abahizi Rwanda, a fashion products manufacturer supplying the Kate Spade On Purpose line. As a firm, we are more than just business advisors; we are owners, who live and work in East Africa, building businesses, involved in the day-to-day.

We started this firm with the mission of alleviating poverty through job creation. In the world of Impact Investing, there is a belief that Africa is the “next big market.” We believe there are other important milestones beyond accessing this growing market. While turning profit is of course proof that a business is viable, the real need in Rwanda and throughout the region is job creation. The discipline of a commercial mindset, coupled with intentionally valuing the “other” above the “self,” motivates our work. Yes, being part of Africa’s rise is strategic thinking for doing business, but changing people is strategic thinking for doing life, and that happens in the day-to-day, on-the-ground, shoulder-to-shoulder partnering with those same people.

The purpose of this relaunch is not only to renew our commitment to these goals, but also to share more broadly with the community of economic development professionals. Whether through the private sector trying to fill a need in an untapped market, or at an NGO managing a complex web of relief and development objectives, we all get out of the bed in the morning because we want to “change the world,” and that starts with thinking honestly about how are valuing the other ahead of ourselves.

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