They Must Be Crazy

The previous land owner says it felt as if he left the village to go to Kigali one day and came back the next to see his 40 HeAsili Plantationctares had been cleared. “Every day it looks like there is an army of ants crawling all over the land clearing it and preparing it.” He can’t believe that Denys and Theo and Kazungu and Phoebe and Justine are not the owners of the business. “Why would they work so hard if they are not the owners? These guys must be crazy,” he says.

Within weeks of acquiring the land, the Asili Natural Oils team had entirely cleared it and planted 38,000 trees. Two months later, the trees have become seedlings.

I know why these “crazy” guys and gals work so hard. It is because they believe. They believe the company will be successful. They believe they are building something that will last. The believe their leaders care for them.

They believe they will grow and learn and gain opportunity from the experience. They believe in themselves and their colleagues. They believe in Rwanda and its potential to build lives and communities and futures. They believe in Jesus – they walk around the plantation praying for their trees to grow, for the company to be profitable and to create jobs for more people.

Refugees clearing land and gathering firewood.
Refugees clearing land and gathering firewood.
Refugee putting ash around seedlings to repel bugs.







Hopefully they inspire you to be crazy too.