Showcasing Cross-Sector Investment Opportunities


The Ministry of Commerce sought to evaluate and support a number of enterprises deemed strategic to the national economic interest and in need of assistance. The selected businesses came from many diverse industries, including Essential Oils, Pyrethrum, Animal Feed, Dairy, Food and Juice Processing, Leather Tanning and Textiles. Karisimbi Business Partners was engaged to perform business and market assessments and develop “turnaround plans” detailing revised business strategies and positioning the companies for investment, as well as to engage the domestic and international investment community regarding the identified opportunities.


Karisimbi Partners’ Approach

The KBP team engaged with company management in each of the eight selected organizations to analyze and understand every aspect of the business, from past financial performance, to current operations, to future opportunity. Through contact with customers, suppliers, industry experts, government officials and other stakeholders in the local, regional and global industries, Karisimbi Partners identified core issues to be addressed and opportunities to be exploited. Karisimbi Partners synthesized this information in the development of business plans designed to provide the greatest possible return on investment while considering the most realistic and practical view of required capital, management, market optimization and eventual exit.

Perhaps the most lasting impact was made over and above the scope of the assignment, as the Karisimbi team guided the companies beyond planning into implementation, engaging potential investors, assisting in re-negotiating financing, developing downstream customers and upstream suppliers, and ultimately working to bring all relevant players to the table and position the company for success.



Karisimbi Partners delivered full business turnaround plans and marketing materials tailored to current and potential investors for all selected businesses. To date the following has been achieved from Karisimbi Partners’ assessments, strategic recommendations, and investor engagements

  • One business has moved from bankruptcy to becoming a global leader in the production of a rare agricultural product; the company has made multiple subsequent investments to further expand its business and is the supplier of choice for multiple multinational organizations
  • Two companies have received share purchase offers from international investors
  • One company was acquired by a larger domestic competitor following further engagement and advising from Karisimbi Partners

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