Karisimbi Partners launches Asili Natural Oils and moringa oil cosmetic product

In 2012 Karisimbi Business Partners, in a joint venture with international investors, undertook the establishment of Rwanda’s first oilseed processing company. The company, Asili Natural Oils, is a social impact company focused on the production of specialty oils for use in personal care and food applications. Its first product, Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil, represents an African product with incredible potential in cosmetics. Read the below Company Profile for Asili Natural Oils, and visit the website by clicking HERE.

Asili Natural Oils is a supplier of natural ingredients to customers in the personal care and specialty oil industries around the world. Asili, a Swahili word meaning “from the source”, conveys our commitment to quality natural products from the ground up. Located in the country of Rwanda, Asili Natural Oils is a social-impact business occupying a critical link in the supply chain – connecting hundreds of small-holder farmers to high value international markets. We are committed to serving our customers with professionalism and integrity, thereby ensuring benefit for farmer and customer.

Asili Natural Oils was launched in 2012 by socially-motivated investors in order to bring a business solution to address the debilitating effects of development-sector programs that encouraged Moringa Oleifera cultivation by smallholder farmers in Rwanda. Nearly ten years after thousands of poor farming families were promised large increases in incomes from planting moringa and selling its production, Asili Natural Oils made the first private sector purchase of Moringa Oleifera seed – and the poor communities in Rwanda’s Eastern Province celebrated. Said one moringa farmer, “As long as Asili continues keeping its promises, moringa is going to change our lives.”

Asili Natural Oils processes the Moringa Oleifera seed directly in its own processing facility by mechanically cold-pressing the kernel to extract the natural oil. Care is taken to ensure all processing methods maintain the oil’s natural characteristics, which are uniquely suited for personal care formulations.

Due to its incredible oxidative stability, moringa oil enables personal care formulations to avoid rancidity for a long period of time. The rich emolliency created by the behenic acid provides a distinctive, nongreasy after-feel. Noticeable qualities of the oil in personal care applications include its silky texture, long-lasting moisturizing effect and ability to soften and soothe skin. Proven applications include bath & massage oils, creams & lotions, hair preparations, liquid makeup, lipstick and suntan lotions.

The personal care industry has taken notice of moringa, but the potential for this oil in cosmetic applications has only been scratched: its physical properties, the beauty of the tree’s flowers – even the name, “moringa” – combine to ensure that moringa oil will flourish as a cosmetic ingredient.

We believe that developing strong relationships with a short-list of ingredient suppliers is a key “ingredient” in our success and the success of the farming families we support. We seek not only to sell a quality product, but to share a powerful story of impact being made in another part of the world and have that story shared all the way up the value chain and to the end consumer. And we endeavor that all of our relationships – with buyers, suppliers and our employees – be defined by professionalism, integrity and genuine care.

KBP contributes to “Unlocking Rwanda’s Employment Puzzle”

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