Karisimbi Partners speaking at DC development conference

Dano Jukanovich, Partner of Karisimbi Business Partners, is today leading a discussion at Cracking the Nut Conference: Attracting Private Sector Investment to Rural and Agricultural Markets, a development conference that is taking place over the next two days in Washington DC.

The themes of this year’s conference are the following:

1. Expanding to New Markets
2. Tapping New Sources of Supply
3. Creating Effective Partnerships
4. Making Finance Work
5. Forging Positive Government Support

Dano will be leading a discussion entitled Leveraging Industrial Agro-Processors as a Hub for Maximizing Rural Development, which focuses on the private sector processor as the link between producers and consumers and therefore a critical player in the effort to develop economies and increase incomes to the poor.

Learn more about the conference by clicking here.