President’s opening speech at Gako retreat

This year’s all-government retreat, which has traditionally been held at the Serena Hotel in Gisenyi but this year was instead held at a military barracks in Gako, recently concluded. The conference, a mainstay of President Paul Kagame’s administration, is designed to bring all Government of Rwanda leaders together to assess progress against targets, as well as take corrective action regarding targets that have not been achieved.

The President opened the retreat with an inspiring, hard-driving address. Read it on the Office of the President website by clicking here.

Pedal power brings cheap energy to rural Rwanda

Rwandan firm Nuru Energy is behind the innovation, which earned it a 200,000 dollar (150,000 euros) prize in the 2008 World Bank Lighting Africa Prize.

The company gives the generators and lights to small traders, allowing them to pay in installments with the money they make from the equipment. Villagers then pay a small fee to the traders to have the lights charged every week.

Read more about the innovative product and its story here.

Rwanda’s SMEs to Create Jobs

Over the next year, the Government of Rwanda looks to “support at least 300 start-up small and medium enterprises (SMEs)… to implement their business plans.” Hanga Umulimo, a program that will select 10 SMEs from each of the 30 districts, will offer the chosen businesses access to direct funding and other business support services.

Read the full article here.

Nigeria presents market opportunity for Rwanda

Rwanda looks to bolster its export market through a recently established bilateral trade agreement with Nigeria. The opening of the Nigerian market represents an opportunity to “transform the economy through increase in Foreign Direct Investment and stepping up exports needed to tackle trade imbalance.”

Read the full article here.

Karisimbi contributes to Economist article, “Africa’s Singapore?”

This colorful piece on doing business in Rwanda was recently published by The Economist. The author of the article contacted Carter Crockett of Karisimbi Partners for insight. Key segments featured in this article regarding Rwanda’s skills shortage and the need for a long-term strategy to address it were derived directly from Karisimbi Partners’ comments to the author.

For a good read, follow the link.